Our team camp, run by college coaches, is dedicated to providing your athletes and teams with positional, team, and system training, plenty of team bonding, and the majority of time with competitive drills, situational play, and full games. We will match up teams based on skill, and this camp is open to varsity and junior varsity level athletes. Our camp will only be accepting 16 teams to ensure that no team is ever off, and each team is maximizing their time. 
Coaches, when registering, please let camp director, Brian Rosen, know how many teams you plan to make (Varsity 1, Varsity 2, JV 1, etc). All individuals on your team will register under your high school name so you do not need to worry about collecting money or checks. Brian will provide registration updates. Coaches can separate teams at camp, and have the flexibility to move players around to prepare for tryouts. We would like to have a minimum of seven (7) athletes per team, with a maximum of twelve (12) so we can ensure playing time for all. We suggest 8-10 per team. At least one (1) coach or chaperone is required to attend per team, and all coaches are FREE. We will have college coaches assigned to each team, in addition to college student athletes who will be helping on courts. Lunch is included both days.